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  • Monsoon is right at our door step now and its the best time to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Trouper Traveller brings to you some useful trekking tips that you should definitely keep in mind in order to enjoy trekking in this season and be prepared like a pro. Raincoat - Investing in a good quality raincoat becomes extremely important for Monsoon treks. You can choose from either a Poncho style, or a two-piece raincoat. As your troupers, we recommend the poncho style since it is easy to wear and protects your rucksack from getting wet. Also remember to keep a thin jacket (windcheater) to give you some warmth. Good shoes are a must, Period! As basic as it is, a pair of comfortable shoes with a good grip will make a lot of difference in  your trekking experience. They will prevent slipping and falling. There are several brands that manufacture shoes that can withstand monsoon and are especially designed for trekking. For more details or queried please write at as: [email protected] PS- Avoid wearing leather shoes. They are absolutely incompatible for treks. Monsoon compatible clothing It is wiser to choose synthetic clothing over cotton for  monsoon treks. Cotton tends to stick to your body during rains, which reduces the breath-ability of the fabric. We also  suggest convertible and roll-up pants to avoid mud stains on your pants from the puddles. And make sure you keep at least 2 pairs of dry socks with you. For trekkers wearing Glasses w e can understand how irritating rain can be for travellers with prescription glasses. The problem can be solved by switching to contact lenses . If not, you can use anti-fogging coating on the specs (decreases the retentivity of water droplets on the lens). Consult your optician and get your specs customised for monsoon. Cover all electronic gear Moisture can  get inside your bags even if your backpack is waterproof. Rains are notorious that way!! Your valuables like phone, camera, power bank, earphones and portable speakers should be first wrapped in plastic before placing in the bag. A cover for the back pack itself is also a good idea. Mosquito repellent and Salt for leeches Last but not the least , always keep a good quality mosquito repellent with you for trekking during monsoon. The last thing you want during a fun trek is a nasty rash or getting sick. You can also go desi and use cinnamon or lavender oil to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Salt packs should be kept handy in case you encounter leeches on the way. Have A Safe And Happy Trek This Monsoon :)
  • Hi all, As I promised you all in my previous posts through Instagram & Facebook few days back. I will be starting to write about my outdoor expeditions & trips in future. I am writing my first blog here, please do forgive me for any typo or grammatical error & do share your feedback at the end of it & I am sure you will like it. I am keeping it very precise & not much detailed as this is my first travel tale & I want you all to really read it to the end. This is all about one of my first hiking trip to sakleshpur with Trouper Traveller. I had been to sakleshpur earlier as well before to this an year back where I stayed in one of the best & most popular home stay for a night & did various activities which were inside the resort, had a wonderful evening over a bon fire with some amazing weather & came back next day. During my first visit, I never knew that sakleshpur has lot of other activities which can be experienced during your trip to this place, if you plan it rightly. In this blog I will talking much crisply about sakleshpur as a place, things to do & my experience over this place. About Sakleshpur : The place is located around 220 Kms from Bangalore & traditionally known as a part of Malnad Region & basically lands in Hassan district with an average elevation of 3110 Ft & famous for the Sakleshpur town surrounded by hills loaded with coffee, cardamom, pepper & Areca plantations. How to reach: You can take an overnight bus to sakleshpur town or a train to sakleshpur station from Bangalore, but if you are looking for a much easier option, you can always look at hiring a vehicle or booking a complete end to end package as well for you which avoids the hassle of public transport. It is always preferred to hire a car or do a self drive for sakleshpur as you have lot of places to see in & around which cannot be covered while using public transport so efficiently. My Tale: It was 10:00 PM on a Friday evening when I was waiting in Yeshwantpur for the trouper traveller with other fellow unknown passengers to come & pick me up, as mine was the last pickup point & after that we hit the highway towards Hassan. Initially I was not having a very good feel inside about travelling with unknown bunch of travellers as it was first time in my life when I was about to do something like this. I had different thoughts running in my mind as I am the person who likes to socialize but not very easily with unknown people & observe closely before talking to them. The coach arrived at the promised time & I started struggling to settle my bag pack because I was the last one to board & boot of the coach was almost full. But trouper helped me instantly to stack it up rightly & get it going. As soon as I stepped in to the coach the trouper introduced me to the fellow travellers & they all looked very accommodating & the easiest way to break a conversation with all of them was “Travel Tales”. Everyone had a past travel story to share and their good & bad experience with it. This is when I decided that I will start writing & sharing my travel tales with everyone & that thing motivated me to write this blog what you are reading today. So back to the tale, our first stop was at 11:30 PM at a small food joint just outside the city limits as there were few people who skipped their dinner & wanted to grab a bite. That was the first time most of us interacted & checked with each other that how they got know about this trek & surprisingly everyone got connected with each other very quickly due to some or the other mutual connection in the group. I was also very happy to know about two chaps travelling with us from my hometown Gwalior in the trip. As I told you that it takes maximum 6 hours to reach sakleshpur from Bangalore in a tempo traveller, we were going quite in leisure & took one more break at 02:00 PM as our target to reach sakleshpur was not before 05:00 in the morning. As soon as we reached sakleshpur we were welcomed with a drizzling rainfall & cold climate. We reached our camp stays by around 04:45 AM. It was still dark & drizzling when we reached our homestay/ basecamp, our stay was arranged in well-maintained tents next to the riverside. One cannot expect any luxury in this place but yes if you are looking out for some adventurous stay in protected & secure environment, this is definitely the place where you should visit once in lifetime. There were 5 tents next to each other with accommodating capacity of around 4 people in one tent. All the tents were shaded above with a proper tin shade & all the tents were equipped with well-appointed mattresses, pillows & quilts. About the Trek day: We had our breakfast arranged at base camp by 08:00 AM & our target time to leave the homestay was 09:00 AM for the 7 kms long hiking to Murgan Gudda & Agni Gudda. “Gudda” means the hill in Kannada language. As planned, everyone was ready on time & we started the trek with some team building & ice breaking activities just to mingle with everyone together. This was an overall very easy hiking & one can do without any hassle, just make sure you wear a good rubber sole shoes for better grip as the terrain is very slippery during monsoons, full track pants, & ensure to carry salt to tackle leeches on the way up while hiking. The suitable time to visit sakleshpur for this hiking is in monsoon (July, August & September) where in you will literally feel the clouds touching you & crossing your paths while you hiking up with a super cold & fresh wind around to mesmerize you more. If you take the same trail for hiking as we took, you will encounter a small water fall & almost two to three waterbodies which will make you forget about all the difficulties you had in the trek (however there are none). Post which there is one more hill for which you need to climb up by an another kilometre. When you reach on the top of the last hill make sure you hold your valuables tight because it is too windy & you might not be able to hold it up. We came down by around 03:00 PM after a good 7 kms trek & by the time lunch was all set for us which was a sumptuous Malnad traditional buffet. After having lunch we all had our own leisure time to indulge in various activities in resort. There were few people who were enjoying the beauty of nature over a cup of tea, few were busy in munching over some high tea snacks & few like me were planning about the next activity. So we decided to go for mud volleyball which was again one of the unique experience out there while you playing in 1 feet deep mud pit & cannot see the other side of the net due to heavy fog & then some zipline which lands in the river followed by some rain dance and other activities by river side. As it was dusk to dawn now but still drizzling and keeping the place all damp, chilled & foggy. We decided to dry up ourselves & plan for evening bonfire & interaction session planned by trouper traveller over some cocktails to keep us all good after a chilling day. We had an exclusive place arranged for us with bon fire in between with some nice chilled music. Trouper was around to take care of everyone & look out for their preferences over the food & drinks. Not much to write about the night here. But yes, we had a beautiful night tripping over some nice songs of different taste, talking about life, sharing experience & yes off course dancing & cheering all night, It was one of the best night while chilling over some drinks with a bunch of coolest people all around who loves “Travel” <3. Way back to Bangalore After a late-night session & previous days tiredness due to hiking, it was expected that everyone wanted to sleep for little late before we start back for our homes @ Bangalore while going through some amazing in between tourist spots like Manjarabad Fort & Chennakeshava Temple. I will not write about the above two mentioned places in much details as there is so much to explain which unfortunately I won’t be able to cover in this one story but I will strongly recommend you to visit this two places specially Chennakeshava Temple as it carries a very rich history of a temple built in 1117 CE & took 103 years to finish completely & you will truly love going through this place make sure you take a Govt. approved guide to understand the details in depth here. After finishing both the places we reached Namma Bengaluru @ 09:00 PM on Sunday evening & bid adieus to fellow travellers. At the end of this trip I had 17 new friends & few out of them are now very close & we share a lot of things about our travel & keep inspiring each other to do it more. At the end a special thanks to that each & every traveller who had inspired me for this & helped me in giving a meaning to my travel tales & off course to who made this happen… Please do share this with everyone & keep following #shanslifetraveltales for lot of upcoming travel tales & trust me… There’s a Lot….. Kindly do not forget to DM me for your valuable suggestions….
  • "Travel far enough that you meet yourself." - Cloud Atlas Winter is coming and so is the season of Trekking. This winter Trouper Traveller is ready with back to back weekend trips and tours. And our winter starts with and an amazing trek to COORG - TADIANDAMOL . COORG - TADIANDAMOL Tadiandamol is the highest peak of the Kodagu district, Karnataka, India. It reaches an elevation of 1,748 m. The mountain also has patches of Shola forests in the valleys. Trouper Traveller has planned an amazing trip for you to Tadiandamol. This Trek is a must for all the adventure lovers because its a trek to the third highest mountain of Karnataka. So tie your shoe laces and get ready for a great start of the season with Trouper Traveller. On Day 1 of the trip Trouper Traveller will pick you up from Bangalore at around 10 PM. After an overnight journey the tour will reach Coorg in the early morning where the everyone can freshen up and enjoy a light breakfast at our beautiful Homestay in Coorg. At around 7:30 the tour will head towards Tadiandamol peak for a great adventure trekking. Trek will take you through forest and hilly areas and after a good amount of trekking the tour will reach to the top of Tadiandamol Peak. The panoramic view from the top is breathtaking and worth a good look of hours. There all the tour members will have there packed lunch and enjoy the beauty surrounding them. After that the tour will start descending the peak and will reach our Homestay by evening. There all the tour member will relax and have evening snacks and tea or coffee. The night will bring up the bonfire and karaoke night and all the tour members can enjoy the atmosphere of homestay along with delicious dinner. This will bring us to the end of the tour to Tadiandamol but truly this is just the start of the season. Trouper Traveller has lined up many more tours this Winter for you so that this winter is remembered by you for a long long time. To join the tour now click here : COORG - TADIANDAMOL Trek with Trouper Traveller Contact info : Website : Mail us at : [email protected] Contact no. : +918197345789







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