Jul 10, 2018

6 Trekking Tips For A Monsoon Trek


Edited: Jul 19, 2018



Monsoon is right at our door step now and its the best time to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Trouper Traveller brings to you some useful trekking tips that you should definitely keep in mind in order to enjoy trekking in this season and be prepared like a pro.



Raincoat - Investing in a good quality raincoat becomes extremely important for Monsoon treks. You can choose from either a Poncho style, or a two-piece raincoat.


As your troupers, we recommend the poncho style since it is easy to wear and protects your rucksack from getting wet.


Also remember to keep a thin jacket (windcheater) to give you some warmth.







Good shoes are a must, Period!


As basic as it is, a pair of comfortable shoes with a good grip will make a lot of difference in  your trekking experience. They will prevent slipping and falling. There are several brands that manufacture shoes that can withstand monsoon and are especially designed for trekking.

For more details or queried please write at as: [email protected]

PS- Avoid wearing leather shoes. They are absolutely incompatible for treks.



Monsoon compatible clothing It is wiser to choose synthetic clothing over cotton for  monsoon treks. Cotton tends to stick to your body during rains, which reduces the breath-ability of the fabric. We also  suggest convertible and roll-up pants to avoid mud stains on your pants from the puddles.

And make sure you keep at least 2 pairs of dry socks with you.




For trekkers wearing Glasses we can understand how irritating rain can be for travellers with prescription glasses. The problem can be solved by switching to contact lenses. If not, you can use anti-fogging coating on the specs (decreases the retentivity of water droplets on the lens).

Consult your optician and get your specs customised for monsoon.



Cover all electronic gear Moisture can  get inside your bags even if your backpack is waterproof. Rains are notorious that way!! Your valuables like phone, camera, power bank, earphones and portable speakers should be first wrapped in plastic before placing in the bag. A cover for the back pack itself is also a good idea.



Mosquito repellent and Salt for leeches Last but not the least , always keep a good quality mosquito repellent with you for trekking during monsoon. The last thing you want during a fun trek is a nasty rash or getting sick. You can also go desi and use cinnamon or lavender oil to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Salt packs should be kept handy in case you encounter leeches on the way.



Have A Safe And Happy Trek This Monsoon :)







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